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The Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative was formed in 2008 by the Thompson Foundation for Autism and the Division of Developmental Disabilities, Missouri Department of Mental Health. With the start of the Initiative’s second project in 2011, these sponsors were joined by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Mercy Children’s Hospital in St. Louis and Springfield.

These project sponsors are brought together by their shared belief that the lives of individuals with ASDs can be improved by ensuring that families, healthcare providers, educators and service providers have access to best practices for screening, diagnosis, and assessment, and to current research and data for evidence-based interventions. The Initiative’s first project focused on screening, diagnosis, and assessment for intervention planning.

Under the guidance of the Oversight Committee, members of the Advisory Committee collaboratively produced the Initiative’s second publication, this one focused on evidence-based intervention for ASDs. Committee members include healthcare professionals, parents, educators, and service providers.

For Committee Members:
Four national experts have presented their reports on evidence-based interventions at a series of Advisory Committee symposia held throughout 2011. Videos of those presentations are now available online:

Major Findings of the National Research Standards Projects by Hanna Rue, PhD, BCBA-D, Director of Applied Research and Evidence-based Practice at the National Autism Center

Focused Behavioral Intervention Practices by Samuel L. Odom, PhD, Director of Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Medical and CAM Interventions for ASD: What Works? by Lynne C. Huffman, MD, Associate Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

Treatment of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: What Do We Know (and Not Know)? by Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele,  MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Pharmacology, Vanderbilt University

Oversight Committee
Joan E. Armstrong, MS, LPC
Joel Bregman, MD
Janet Farmer, PhD, ABPP
Dawn H. Huber, PhD
Michele Kilo, MD
John Mantovani, MD
Vicki McCarrell
Kim Ratcliffe, EdD

Advisory Committee
Janice Amleshi, Parent
Joan E. Armstrong, MS, LPC
Sally Becker, OT
Elaine Beussink, SLP
Becky Blackwell, MA,BCBA
Cyndy Bliem-Sharp, MS
Joel Bregman, MD
Amy Buie, BCBA
John Constantino, MD
Marilyn Cox, Parent
Julie Donnelly, PhD, PsyD, Parent
Beth Emmendorfer, EdD
Janet Farmer, PhD, ABPP
Lisa Fowler-Koeppe, OT
Jenny Frisbee, BCBA, MA
Jennifer Gray, Parent
John Guercio, Parent, PhD, PsyD, BCBA
Lauree Head, Parent
Connie Hebert, MS Ed
Susan Henderson, MS
Dawn Huber, PhD
Michele Kilo, MD
Patricia Kopetz, EdD
Ronald Kruse, EdD
Julia LePage, MS, BCBA
Lori Lewis, SLP, IDAC, MAC
Mendy Long, SLP
John Mantovani, MD
Jeanne Marshall, MEd, MA, BCBA
Brenda Martien, SLP
Stacey Martin, MA
Rolanda Maxim, MD
Micah Mazurek, PhD, PsyD
Vicki McCarrell, MA
Donald McCary, MA, BCBA
Vicky Mieseler, MS
Victoria Moore, PhD, PsyD, Parent
Kaye Otten, PhD, PsyD
Colin Peeler, PhD, PsyD, BCBA
Shula Portnoy, MD, DO
Claudia Preuschoff, MD, DO
Jena Randolph, PhD, PsyD
Kim Ratcliffe, EdD
Gregory Robinson, PhD
Robin Russell, Parent
Duru Sakhrani, MD
Kristin Sohl, MD, DO
Todd Streff, BCBA
Keenan Stump, MS, CCC SLP
JoAnn Youngblood, PhD
Laine Young-Walker, MD, DO

Karen Bodenhorn, MPH, Project Director
Dawn H. Huber, PhD, Senior Staff Writer
Ron Huff, PhD, Senior Project Staff
Lee Walker Falk, BJ, Communications Director

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guide to Evidence-based Interventions can be ordered at no cost or can be downloaded now, along with its Summary. The 2010 companion guide, Autism Spectrum Disorders: Missouri Best Practice Guidelines for Screening, Diagnosis, and Assessment is available online, along with overviews for families, clinicians and service providers and educators.